Recommended Wedding Photographers

Good wedding photographers not only capture the moments of your special day but they also create art in the process.  We've found that you get what you pay for when it comes to photographers.  Good photographers charge more and are well worth the investment.  The amount of time they spend prior to and after the wedding day accounts for some of those costs.  A great wedding photographer told us once that for every hour they spend shooting a wedding, they spend 3 to 4 hours in pre and post production services.  If you hire a photographer for 8 hours at your wedding and reception, they may spend 40 to 50 hours working on your images. Consider their “real” time on the job when deliberating their fees...

Here is a short list of wedding photographers. This list will continue to grow as we receive more permissions from local photographers. 


 Brenowitz Photography, Inc. 303-279-6562 
 Trystan Photography 719-359-5520
Jim Harper Photography 303.478.5601
 Tim Mosholder 720.253.5276 

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